Stories (includes future story ideas.)

Because I have no idea how to make entries the way I'd like to make them, this page will be a guide for the stories I have so far, and will also give future titles. (Will not reveal summaries.)

Korean Male/White Female Stories
Guides to stories: 
Companion to Petals in the Wind
Companion to Silent Love Parts I-III (TBA)
Companion to Now You're not here Part(s) I-II (TBA)


Silent Love Series
Silent Love Part I
Silent Love Part II
Silent Love Part III

Now You're not Here
Sand in the Shoes Part I
Now You're not Here Part II

The World of Gottbitz
Henry Shen
Nikita Park
Edmund Orville
Sasha Takeda

The Seasons Quartet (Titles to be determined)
The Spring Melody Spring Waltz song number 06"
The Summer Perfume Summer Scent song 01"
The Autumn Romance Autumn story 03 reason song"
The Winter Dance Winter Sonata song 01"


Love in Nature Quartet
Petals in the Wind
Petals in the Clouds
Petals in the Rain
Petals in the Water

The Miracle Garden a.k.a Anna's Eyes